Spring at Home

It has been a busy travel spring for me and I’ve been longing to get back in my garden to enjoy what all the adventures are truly about …. GROWING!    I’ve been to some amazing gardens and explored how others across the country and Canada enjoy the gardening lifestyle.  I have many photos from some of the best garden shows in the states to share with you as the season grows on.  My adventures this spring took  me across the northern border to Canada with one of my favorite plant providers, Proven Winners for their spring kick off extravaganza where I was introduced to how green the Canadians really are!  Taking in all I could to share with my network and to help my own garden in Ohio grow.  This container of supersowsunday lettuce mix by Territorial Seed Company featured on the left  says it all!  The goods have been collected and now it is time to get growing!

It could be all the inspiring information I have collected in the past two months or just the fact that it has been a while since I actually sat at my office desk to share with words but I’m totally struggling with where to begin……

Nothing says spring to me like this view featured above of my greenhouse nestled back in the corner wood-line of our home here in Ohio.  Waiting on the rain to allow the raised beds filled with compost and bunny droppings to be turned and the flats of starters from inside the greenhouse to be moved out to their new growing place. In the image above on the right is my new birdhouse that my son built  out of left over wood pieces he collected around the workshop.   We added that old recycled t.v. antenna to the wooded garden to help support a wild rose climber last spring.  The rose loved climbing the new structure even after we painted it  so much we just had to add more to it.  Before the ladder used to attach the birdhouse to the 10 foot section was collapsed to be put back into the shop a  few birds had already moved in.   I’m loving what can be done with  recycled goods and the lessons of using what you have on hand can be taught even in the garden.

Who wouldn’t be excited to get their hands on these beauties and start digging in the spring soil?   Another project  completed this weekend was hanging some recycled peg board.  The board was found at an auction that took place at a local business that was closing down.   At 50 cents a 6’x 4′ sheet you can’t go wrong with organizing.     I had to take the photo above quick because those tools only stayed in place long enough for a photo.

Step in the year-round greenhouse to find some of my Christmas treasures blooming and my Costa Farms goodies that have been enjoying winter in Ohio providing me plenty of happy blooms.   The amaryillis will be moved to a container out in the landscape after all danger of frost has passed and the cineraria is going to be planted in the shade / sun garden in the front of the yard.  I know they both will love their new home outdoors.

These late winter growers will be done just in time to start some outdoors.  It is amazing the veggies that can be grown to enjoy year-round if you just find the container that will allow it enough room to grow.

Don’t walk away from the dahlia bulbs at your local garden centers.  After a fabulous growing experience with them last year I’m loading up this year.  In the image above you will see all the containers I’ve started in the greenhouse loaded with some of my favorite dahlia roots that are super easy to grow and put on an amazing show from spring till SNOW!  The image in the collage above on the right is what you will find from November – May in my greenhouse. ‘

With the busy travel schedule I had I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out on my seed starting adventures when it hit me one night during #gardenchat  : I GROW YEAR-ROUND! It is never too late to start tomato plants and many other veggies that can be enjoyed in your summer garden.

I would like to encourage you to grab a pack of seeds today and throw them in some dirt!   Wishing you a Happy SPRING from my home & garden!

I’m letting the kitties do all the napping this time of year…. no time to rest when there is so much to enjoy about spring in the garden.

Are you interested in learning more about growing in a greenhouse year-round?  I’m a contributor of the site Growing4Seasons with my greenhouse sister Glenda who is the creative home and garden writer at Tootsie Time.com

Be sure to click on the link  to the left to see what others are growing year-round using and I hope it will inspire you!

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