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Purple Heart Growing in It’s Own Container Summer 2012

I’ve got the houseplant for you ….. Seriously! A few weeks ago my Twitter friend @queen_elisheba  and I were chatting about how we both would like to grow more plants indoors.  It wasn’t until I started moving plants indoors to protect from the cooler temperatures  that I  realized I had the perfect plant for newbies to indoor growing!  I think Elizabeth is going to love this plant because you can grow it indoors with little maintenance as well as outdoors in the summer months.  This plant is a heat and drought lover in the summer on my deck in containers.   The foliage coloring is not the deep purple you’ll find in the hot summer and in the year the plant has been indoors I have yet to see a bloom ; and yet this remains at the top of my list for plants that are easy to grow.

It is the Tradescantia pallida or better known as the Purple Heart or Wandering Jew. Thank you  MrBrownThumb for helping me with the plant ID.  I started growing this plant  in 2011 spring after  picking up a little 3″ container of this ‘accent plant’.  None of this ‘accent’ plant had tags on it but the price was right at $2.29 each.  After purchasing the plant and putting it in a container with coleus on my deck I started noticing the plant around the country on my trips to garden shows.  I saw this beauty growing along the road side in Miami while attending the TPIE event as well as in containers loving the summer sun in Indiana while attending the GWA garden tours.   When the cooler weather arrived last year I quickly clipped a section of the plant growing  wild and brought it indoors.  It went NUTS just like it did in the summer container only with low light. Indoors or Outdoors this plant does not like too much water.  I’ve had best results letting the plants soil become dry.

This is the plant anyone can grow indoors or out!



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