Raking,Weeding and Planting – It’s Spring!

It’s officially Spring …. I know the actual date was seven days ago but now that the normal temperatures are back it is time to celebrate!  This time of year finds me out soaking up the spring sunshine and out of the house we just spent the cold winter months taking shelter in. Conversing with my non-garden friends I’m finding they are not as excited as I am about raking the grass.  I figure anything that gets me outside and making my surroundings a prettier place to enjoy in the upcoming months is where I want to be!

down in the grass

 Wide Open Space in my Garden

 I know it is a weed but it sure is pretty……

After I’ve raked a good percent of the spots in the yard that seem bare and discolored from winter damage it is time to get pulling weeds.   You might consider using a tool like the one I use in the video below to physically remove the dandelions rather then using a chemical.

The last but most important thing to do is to spread the grass seed.  I’ve been known to waste plenty of seed by grabbing hand fulls and just throwing it where I felt it was needed.  Little did I know that was totally wasteful and didn’t save any spring maintenance time.  Last Autumn  I was given a new spreaders called a SNAP by Scotts Lawn Care.  After using this tool and talking with my friend Emily this maybe my favorite tool that best helps me get my yard ready for summer.  I was able to complete my grass planting job  in the areas around my gardens in no time flat with seed to spare.

Short video of a few basic grass maintenance going on in my garden right now.

Can you imagine trying to pull all the weeds in that front meadow area featured in the video above?  For the past 5 years I’ve been staying away from chemicals in my grass and continue to pull the thistle and dandelion weeds as needed.  It is impossible to remove them all by hand but I do want to note that if you make sure you keep up with planting grass seed the weeds are usually crowded out.

I’m excited to hear what you are doing in your garden and lawn this time of year and I hope you will share with me by commenting on this post!

Early this week I spoke with my friend Emily who works over in Marysville Ohio at The Scotts Company.  She is new to gardening and I’m excited to share with her some new growing technique growing natural.  We talked about the new seed spreader and I had a few questions about the sun & shade seed.  Listen in as we talk basic grass maintenance that should be going on in your garden this time of year and I hope it inspires you to think basics and get out and enjoy spring!


Recommended by a blogger friend of my I want to note that the products featured in this blog post today were gifts and I was not paid by anyone to post information.

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