Ornamental Grasses

Boo Kitty Playing Under the Tall Grass in Autumn

There are many different varieties of ornamental grasses. I’m not sure which variety of ornamental grass I have featured in the blog post above but judging by the google searches I’ve done I think it is Pampas Grass. There is a wonderful article about the different types of colorful ornamental grasses on HGTVgardens site.   Most of these varieties put on an amazing bloom in the autumn. As most gardens are being cut back and mulch over in my area for winters arrival the grasses remain standing tall until they are cut back in the early spring.  I love the look of the grasses as they dance in the winter wind.  Ornamental grasses should be planted and divided in the spring.  Autumn is not the ideal time to plant due to harsh winters in my garden zone 5.  If you do plant ornamental grass late in September be sure to cover it with mulch and or straw to protect from the winter weather.

Having cats in the garden landscape means most any type or ornamental grass is safe to grow.  Grasses are the best plant for kitten to pounce and play in and not be able to destroy. The image to the left is the first kittens we owned in our new country home 10 years ago.  Those little kittens and their liters in the next few years loved to dance and play in the ornamental grasses in our landscape.  Notice at the bottom of the plant the kitties are playing in as new growth coming up.  This is an indication that it is time to cut dead grass back in early spring so the new growth can grow.

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