Little Or Big : Grow It Natural!


Organic Pineapple Tomato from Natures Crossroads

I'm super proud to announce that this is the first of my completely grown GREEN tomatoes! These seeds were sent to me from Natures Crossroads out of Indiana in early spring. The seeds were started in my greenhouse which was maintained completely green and then transplanted to my Veggie Garden which was fertilized by Haven Brand Brewing Teas. The color on these Pineapple Tomatoes is just gorgeous and look how big!

Juicy and hearty – perfect for any sandwich!

This is a tomato I will for sure grow again in my garden in the years to come. Are you curious to what I did with the one I shared a photo of above? A sliced open treat like that doesn't last too long on my counter top. After the kids enjoyed a bite there was one slice left for my sandwich. It was surly enough - just look how thick that hearty fruit is. YUMMO!!!!

My Traditional Veggie Garden

These days in August have been extremely hot and humid. Just about the only thing enjoying these temperatures are the veggies I have growing out in the garden. In the video below I do a quick share from my traditional veggie garden to show you what you can accomplish in a little or big space.


What do you have growing in your garden this time of year?


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