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Cozy Slippers, Coffee, Dahlias, and my icloud for sharing it all

This is the one cloud that is truly creating continuous sunshine in my Apple world and I hope to share with you what I’ve experienced in this short post.  I recently became an Apple user and have had a 90% positive experience since purchasing an Iphone and Ipad for business use.     These products have become so much more then a business adventure with the introduction of applications like the icloud.

First note you must be an Apple user to be able to use this application.  When you sign up for iCloud for your Apple devices  you automatically get 5GB of free storage. <bonus… right?!> You have to be sure to do all current updates on your mobile devices before these options will work properly.  I updated my iphone / ipad from my PC on Wednesday after my brother told me about his positive experience with the icloud.  If you don’t have the new iPhone, the 4S, you’ll need to install the latest mobile operating system, iOS 5, a free update that will require hooking up the device to a computer.  The new beta, which is available to all users with an Apple ID, features web-based version of Mail, Contacts, Calendar and photo sharing. luding iTunes Match.

What does icloud do now that I have it updated : When you turn on the icloud fuction in your app settings you will now be able to view your images on any devices using wifi. HOWEVER,  I can’t figure out where this function is allowing me to view the images on my PC if it is at all.  The official apple webpage says that it works on PC so I will have to do more research and get back with you as soon as possible.   As for now the icloud is making it easier to share images from my growing experience.

By the way,  the 10% negative about Apple experience I mentioned in the beginning of this share has to do with camera to Apple processing which save  a totally different blog entry.

I’d like to hear from you if you use any Apple products for garden related networking.  Be sure to leave me a comment below.

You can find out more information from Apple Store by clicking HERE.

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