Growing Healthy Citrus in Ohio

My very first citrus shrub that was gifted from Black Diamond Nursery in Perrysburg,Ohio. I had just completed a photo assignment in 2009 for a project I was doing for Garden World Report featuring some of my favorite garden centers and what they were doing during the holiday season. You can find out more about that project on my Holiday Green Tour blog post.  This beautiful lime shrub I was gifted opened my eyes to many new avenues in the grow your own movement.  I have been wintering over this shrub  in my greenhouse for the past 3 years. This shrub has seen temperatures in the low 20*s when my gas heater failed on me in 2010 and has taught me how to tackle aphids organically.  After the 1st year of being successful with this variety of citrus I’ve been looking for some other varieties to add to my garden collection.

This plant didn’t have a tag when it arrived in my garden so I can’t tell you details about the growers.  The image above is a lime from my 4th harvest from this plant in the past 3 years. I usually harvest over a dozen limes off this 30″ container planting each harvest.

Click On The Image To Find Out More About My Improved Myer Lemon Shrub Social History

New addition to my Ohio Citrus container gardening is this healthy New Improved Myer Lemon shrub.  I purchased this in late June at Benches Garden Center in Elmore Ohio at 40% off.   If you follow me on Twitter you will remember me Tweeting about this for the entire month due to my excitement and with hopes of others checking out that garden center sale. Watching this lemon shrub by Duarte Trees and Vines  grow has been like waiting for Christmas morning present opening.  Today the blossoms on this container are many and they look so healthy.  I can’t wait to share the first lemon I harvest from this Duarte  plant. 

Blooms on the Kumquat Shrub:  Good News -It Self Pollinates!  Click on the image above for plant information.

The kumquat reminds me of a recent trip to Brazil.  During the trip I had many drinks made from this fruit in South America and I’m excited to grow some of my own here in Ohio USA!  For some reason I thought kumquat fruit was an ingredient in Guarana Antarctica Soda which was my choice beverage while in South America this past June. This soda is the 2nd best selling beverage in Brazil.  After taking a quick look at their website I don’t see it listed but it could be the fact that I don’t know Portuguese very well.


This is the the Fukushu  variety of Kumquat that is thrown-less making it ideal for landscapes and containers. Check back to my site in a few months or follow my RSS via email so I can tell you how this fruit taste.

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Growing your own citrus plants is super easy thanks to varieties like I just mentioned on this blog post.  The only thing I have to look out for when growing these is FROST and not to over water.   I’ve been using Whitney Farms Organic  Citrus Food on these containers this summer and I couldn’t be happier with the quick growth and  the blooms being produced.  In the past I used other organic solutions to feed the lime shrub but I’m seeing the best results so far with this product that is only available at Independent Garden Centers.

** I asked Miracle-Gro / Whitney Farms Organics to try this product after seeing it in a few of my favorite independent garden centers around the country and they sent me my own stock to try in my garden. 

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