Is It Safe? Tackling Fear of Rose Pruning

The day before spring officially starts is usually a super tease to what is to come.  Saturday was just that day as the weather was spring perfect leaving all us northern gardeners wanting more.  Time to bust out the rakes, shovels, and pruners to prepare for the real deal; or is it?

The Last Winter Sunset in My Garden

In the image above  is the view of the last winter sunset in the back meadow – small orchard area of our yard here in Ohio.  Don’t let the bare wood-line fool you, the day this was taken it was a beautiful 60*F and sunny day on Saturday.

Networking has become a major part of my gardening experience in the past two years.  It has made me a better gardener and it has also made my growing experience better then I could have ever imagined.    If you have a cell phone and a Twitter account you have the world of gardening RIGHT AT YOUR FINGER TIPS!  Seriously,  I tweeted out my fear of cutting the rose shrubs back this time of year and I got a response from a few of the best gardeners in the United States.  A big shout out THANK YOU to @jreck of The Jim Reck Company and Chris VanCleave of .

Sharing What I Learned With You

In the video below I share with you what I learned from my twitter shout out and shared how easy it is to tackle the early spring rose shrubs.

Network with me by sharing a comment about what you are tackling this time of year in your spring garden.  I honestly look forward to connecting with you!

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