Autumn Dahlia : The Plant Well Worth The Wait

A Tuber in a Package I bought in April is Gold in The October Garden

As I snap photos to share on instagram this Tuesday of the stunning dahlia bloom in my late October Ohio garden it hard to believe there were once a piece of root I picked up at the local garden department in  early spring.   I started the tuber in my greenhouse in early April by planting each tuber in a 1 gallon recycled container. The plant that was just beginning to  sprouts green was moved out to the garden in late May. It seemed like FOREVER to get a bud on the dahlia plants this year but when they arrived it was well worth the wait.

The dahlia is a popular plant to add in any garden landscape because they vary in size.  I’ve seen plants ranging from  1′  to 6′ tall.  Many of my dahlias reach as tall as 4 feet.  This bloom does best in full sun and likes to have it’s own space to grow.  I’ve been growing the Dahlia for about 3 years now in my Ohio garden and can’t imagine not having this addition to my landscape each year.   The tubers are easy to grow and the only hassle is digging the root up in the autumn so you can enjoy the plant in years to come.  A gardener on Twitter suggested I wait till the first hard frost to dig up my roots.  This year I’m following that tip before digging up the root to store in the greenhouse for 2013 planting season.

A Collection Of Dahlia’s From My Garden

Have you grown Dahlia’s in your landscape or container garden? 

I shared more about my Dahlia experience on my blog HERE.

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