Helping Communities Grow Starts In School Gardens

Carol & Kerrie are at it again … spreading their love for growing around this Autumn with the Seed Keeper Project.   I had the privilege of speaking with them this afternoon to get the facts on what I could do to make a difference in the school of my choice.

The Seed Keeper Ladies in their booth at IGC11 / Chicago Navy Pier

Here’s how you can make a difference in the garden at your favorite school :  Each Monday The Seed Keeper Company is going to list five states they randomly pull out of a seed keeper kit. And you thought Monday’s couldn’t be any funnier with #gardenchat and all! If the state your  school is located in that you would like to nominate for the Seed Keeper Project is chosen please submit the schools at that time on their Facebook page.   Go to The Seed Keeper Company on Facebook where the states will be listed.  You have until Friday of that week to list the school of your choice from the five states chosen on Monday. On Friday of each week the Seed Keeper Girls will place all of the nominations in a Seed Keeper and draw a winner for each of the 5 states.  The winning schools receive a Seed Keeper and Certificate recognizing their school gardening efforts as well as a note letting them know you are responsible for their win.The Seed Keeper Project will conclude the week of December 21, 2012.  You can read all about this project on the The Seed Keeper Project Page.

The Herb Garden Located in the Childrens Garden / Garfield Park Indy

Above is a photo of the beautiful Garfield Park Childrens’ garden I toured this summer with the Garden Writers Association .  I just love the herbs planted in this beautiful recycled tires that the children painted.

Be sure to check out my podcast with Carol and Kerrie from the Seed Keeper Company explaining all the details about this school garden project.    If you have any questions be sure to visit their site or you can leave me a question in this blog post.

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