Michigan Garden Center With Kids In Mind

I think the first thing I tweeted from this location was ‘BRILLIANT’!

Last Friday my husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.   Staying close to home and enjoying some dream time visiting a garden center and a relaxing walk through a wildlife garden in Michigan made it the perfect Friday afternoon.   The perfect date with my partner is taking in a garden walk or checking out whats blooming at a garden center any day!  What I love about my husband most is he is supportive of all the growing I have going on in our gardens and online.   I owe a good portion of my greenhouse growing year-round success to the electrical engineering he has added to that project.   Before our dinner date and afternoon in the amazing Botanical Garden we  made a sporadic visit to this adorable garden center we basically happen to be driving past in Ida, Michigan.

A short drive over the Michigan  /  Ohio state line you will find this family owned and operated garden center.   This is a great location out in the country with plenty of parking and carts to load up with their wide selection and extremely healthy plants.    The prices are truly something to TWEET about!  Flats  of veggies or annuals retail at $8.99,  $12 for a flat of perennials and $3.25 for a 3 1/2 ” container of proven winner 2011 picks!    And be sure to bring the kids because they have an adorable play area to keep them occupied while mom & dad shop!

Parran’s Greenhouse & Farm in Ida, Michigan

Come enjoy a short visit to Parran’s Greenhouse with me via these images I took this past Friday.   In this video I share a many roses from this garden centers beautiful collection.  I have been fascinated with the art of growing and showing  roses after connecting with Chris VanCleave ( @redneckrosarian) who was our guest host on #gardenchat this past Monday.

More information at  the transcript at #gardenchat Transcript

I would love to hear about your favorite garden center so be sure to leave a comment below with a link to your site! Until the next garden center share be sure to check out what local growers are  growing in your neck of the woods .

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