Fun for Kids and Great For Your Garden : Sticky Weed

We have our share of weeds on my property. After meeting a few folks out in California who specialize in weeds I’m thinking twice about them and if I really want to remove them from where they are growing. Getting to know your soil and what grows in it is an important part of being earth friendly when you garden. I want to do what is best for my world .. don’t you?

Social Weeding

This weekend as I worked in the garden I totally saw weeds in a different light. I couldn’t help but tweet to see what others were saying about the weed situation.


Best Advice of the Weekend

“Bren, ‘weeds’ can tell us a lot about our soil. They can be nutritional powerhouses for pollinators and humans. Good for you for rethinking what a ‘weed’ is.” – @maggiegrows on Twitter.

Let’s Connect

I love using social media to learn how to grow better gardens.  I hope you will join in  on #gardenchat Twitter where Everyday is Earth Day.

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