Fresh Eggs Daily Book Review and Interview

Each summer I love attending our Wood County Fair. Walking the Rabbit and Poultry barn to see all the beautiful critters is a favorite summer event.  After meeting Lisa Steele at the Country Living Fair that took place in Columbus Ohio I’ve been seriously thinking about owning a few chicks of my own. In today’s post titled Fresh Eggs Daily Book Review and Interview  I share her book and a quick interview.

Fresh Eggs Daily Book Review

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Interview with Lisa Steele – Fresh Eggs Daily

I had the chance to send Lisa Steele a few questions and she was kind enough to respond. Enjoy this interview posted below featuring the Chicken Gal. Sharing this post with your friends is greatly appreciated.

Fresh Eggs Daily : Lisa Steele Shares Poultry and Gardening
Fresh Eggs Daily : Lisa Steele Shares Poultry and Gardening

How long have you been raising poultry? 

I have been raising chickens and ducks on our farm here in Virginia since 2009, but as the grand daughter of honest-to-goodness chicken farmers growing up in rural New England, we had chickens when I was a kid, so I’ve really been around chickens for the better part of my life. My early recollections aren’t all positive though, so on the one hand it’s kind of surprising that I gravitated back into chicken keeping! As kids, my brother and I were less than enthralled by our chickens. We used to wear oven mitts to collect the eggs so we wouldn’t get pecked by the broody hens, and we were often chased by our mean rooster Bojangles! – Lisa Steele

Why should people consider raising poultry? 

My childhood experience with chickens was far different than what its been as an adult. Our chickens are the friendliest, funniest, most entertaining pets (with benefits!) Raising chickens from baby chicks and handling them often has resulted in a wonderful flock of laying hens who love to sit on my lap and come running when I call them. In addition to laying us delicious fresh eggs, chickens are cheaper than therapy. Sitting watching them scratch in the dirt and look for worms and bugs (did I mention they are excellent for grub control as well?), is so relaxing and therapeutic. Knowing what our chickens are eating makes me feel like I’m feeding my family a far healthier diet – since backyard and free range chicken eggs have been proven to contain more nutrients and less cholesterol than store bought eggs. (as reported by Mother Earth News, 2009 We incorporate eggs into many more meals than just breakfast, and often even have ‘breakfast for dinner’ because eggs are such a great protein source, so nutritious, and are so tasty! – Lisa Steele

What surprised you most about raising ducks or chickens? 

I think what surprised me most was just how friendly they can be. I do spend a lot of time with my chicks and ducklings, letting them get used to being held and petted, talking with them, and getting them used to being around people. I was also surprised how soft chickens are. Petting a well-cared for chicken with glossy feathers is such a wonderful thing. I was also surprised at how many different colors chicken eggs come in! Growing up, we always knew that ‘brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh’. Our chickens all laid brown eggs and grocery store eggs were white. Since raising our own flock and getting involved raising some rare breeds, I now collect a basket full of cream-colored, pinkish, olive green, blue and dark chocolate brown eggs daily. – Lisa Steele

If someone is new to raising poultry what advice would you give them? 

Read all you can. Subscribe to some of the magazines such as Practical Poultry, Your Chickens and  Chickens magazines. Read as many books as you can. My book Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally is also a great place to start. And most importantly, check your town or municipality zoning to be sure you’re allowed chickens. Just because you live in the country don’t assume that you can raise them, or because you live inside city limits that you can’t. Also be sure you’re clear as to how many chickens you’re allowed, if you are allowed roosters, and if there are any restrictions as to coop size and placement. – Lisa Steele

 Do you have a favorite you would recommend for me to use?

 My first two coops myself. I sell the plans for my original coop on Etsy.  It’s a great little coop for up to six chickens. If you’re not handy, Urban Coop Company sells some really well-built coops as kits. Horizon Structures sells larger shed-style coops that come ready-built. – Lisa Steele

Do you enjoy growing anything other than poultry? 

 I grow mostly herbs and edible flowers. I use lots of herbs in cooking for our family, and the herbs do double duty in my chicken keeping, helping keep our chickens healthy and keeping the coop rodent- and insect-free. Edible flowers like roses, echinacea, nasturtium, bee balm and marigolds are great to use as garnish on cakes and cupcakes, the chickens love to eat them, and they’re also great to attract bees to your garden and use as cut flowers as well. – Lisa Steele

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 Fresh Eggs Daily - Book Review
Consider purchasing this book for many reasons.  It not only makes a wonderful gift for someone interested in learning about new ways to raise poultry but it also is a great educational tool.  This book is filled with practical ways of raising poultry naturally.  Persons interested in this publication can order Fresh Eggs Daily here.  When you order on this link I get a small credit for referring you.

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  1. Love reading Lisa’s posts, even though I don’t have my chickens or ducks any more, she has taught me so much. I look forward to seeing what “the girls” and guys are up to every day!

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