Fresh Bean and Corn Salad From #PF3 Event

While in Philadelphia the first of April for the #PF3 ( Philadelphia Farm and Food Festival) I met with some inspiring foodies.  Nothing better then food peeps who enjoy growing with they are going to fix up for their families dinner table if you ask me!  One of the attendees of this event was the folks from Winter Sun Farms.  Whoever thought of bringing this amazing corn and green bean salad as the sample to be served to those attending the event is BRILLIANT!  The corn was like the ray of sunshine featured in their logo on the right of this paragraph.  I can’t wait to make up this recipe for my family with the fresh corn and green beans I will be growing in my garden this summer.

Corn and Bean Recipe

Corn and Bean Recipe

Find out more about the Philly Farm and Food Fest and all the awesome things Subaru USA does for the gardening industry by clicking here for full coverage from the event.

I was working all day at the #PF3 taking photographs and networking the event that I forgot to take a lunch break.  It was hard to decline when asked if I’d like to try  a sample of the salad featured above.   If you’d like to try the recipe click image above for recipe.  You are gonna want to prepare this for the next cook-out event with your family and friends.

What is Winter Sun Farms all about ?  They are  local food advocates who passionately believe in eating real food, produced closer to home.  Find out more at their website.

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