Four Star Greenhouse Media Day

I had the privilege of participating in the Four Star Greenhouse Media Day Tour this week. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen images I was sending as I strolled their beautiful facilities located in the lush fields of Carleton, Michigan. It was a pleasure to meet Marci McIntosh who I enjoy socializing with on Networks like Twitter & Facebook sharing what Proven Winner has to offer Midwest Gardens. I had first became acquainted with Four Star Greenhouse when I worked locally for a small Mom & Pop greenhouse. Four Star Greenhouse was the first stop of the Michigan Garden Tours in 2007. This location provides most of the Proven Winners for the greenhouse locations I share on my photography tours featured on this site. I am excited today to share with you some of the exciting products I was able to see at their fabulous greenhouse tour.

[alert-note]Dedicated Team lead the Media Day Tour[/alert-note]

The tour was lead by Proven Winners professionals John Gaydos, Director of promotions and Product Development and Marci McIntosh, Marketing Projects Coordinator. I am horrible at ‘reporting’ because I didn’t get the name of the Four Star Associate featured in my collage above in the far right images. Luckily, in the Four Star Tour take home bag was a handy ‘Plants & Program’ booklet that featured Betsy Kollman, Trail Manager. She sat across from me at the wonderful lunch the company provided. It was a fun lunch talking blooms and some of the amazing places she has traveled around the world for Proven Winners. She is also the one who came up with a few of the ‘names’ of the new annuals featured this year. Like I always say, I could never be a name dropper. (please forgive me!) George Strimpel was another one of our host but I didn’t get his photo while on this trip. The Highlight of the trip today was to finally meet Marci McIntosh who enjoy networking Proven Winners with on social media sites like Twitter. The crew at Four Star Greenhouse were amazing and if anyone went home with questions then it was their own fault. This team of experts provided more then enough information about making your gardening experience a success with Proven Winners.

[alert-note]Let Proven Winners Paint Your Landscape[/alert-note]

I think when most gardeners think Proven Winners they think selection, quality and design like found in containers. During the tour today I was introduced to some fascinating annuals, perennials and even veggies that can make your landscape come alive. Why not let Proven Winners paint your landscape? A better landscape truly starts with a better plant. The Proven Winners landscape collection if featured at the Hotel Iroquois on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Below is a short slide show I put together featuring some of their landscape designs.

30 Second Planting…. NO JOKE!

This was a pretty cool demonstration of an awesome way to make gardening easy. Now, I like to plant my own containers mixing favorite blooms to create a ‘piece of art’ like I would in any of the art medias I enjoy dabbling in. I do realize that not many people who enjoy gardening enjoy putting containers together. For some gardeners it is hard to come up with that perfect container combination. Proven Winner has made it easy for everyone with these ‘Pop – Drop’ container arrangements. All you do is ‘pop’ the bottom out of this container that is filled with a selected arrangement that you can find at garden retail locations and ‘drop’ it into your favorite container. To see more on the 30 Second Planting click on this Four Star Demonstration Channel.

[alert-note]Proven Selections Veggies Have Arrived![/alert-note]

I think the display featured above may have been my favorite at the tour because I truly enjoy growing fresh and healthy in the garden for my family. Each media person who participated received a plant marker featuring a recipe for “Pico De Gallo’ which happens to be one of my favorite to prepare fresh and to process using the canning method. I have yet to see this collection at any of the locations in N.W. Ohio greenhouses but I will be asking my favorite greenhouses if they would look into featuring this line of herbs and veggies. Click on the image above for more information about this display.

[alert-note]Garden Photographers Heaven[/alert-note]

It was wonderful to be able to meet some of the faces I have met on the Gardening Networks. A few of the Media Writers who attended this event where : Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp of Hoosier Gardeners, SheriAnn Richerson co-author of Complete Idiot Guild to Year-Round Gardening, Sandie Parrott who is a Freelance Writer & Photographer and Garden Writer Julia Hofley of Julie’s Big Life. Social media sharing is a blast but meeting these fabulous garden folks in person makes the garden come alive!

[alert-note]Four Star Greenhouse Media Tour Presentation[/alert-note]


[alert-announce]I look forward to sharing with you some of my favorite Proven Winners from Four Star in my Greenhouse Landscape Project that is under way this summer. I can’t wait to capture the China Chiffon as it comes alive this late Summer. Be sure to check back at the Greenhouse Landscape Project Page. Happy Gardening begins with quality plants and I highly recommend Proven Winners in the Midwest Garden.




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