Fog Crystallized the Winter Garden

After a  week in the single digits and a few inches of snow the fog came and crystallized the garden by weeks end. The images in this blog post are from the morning walk I took around the garden as the sun heated up the branches of the trees and the wind that blew made it snow from the trees. With every breath I could feel the cold air freezing the inside of my nose.   It was a magical winter morning with temperatures only reaching the low 20*F ‘s later that day.

Winter Garden

At the Lily Pond – Winter

conifer and willow

Conifer and willow tree along the walkway in the winter garden.

Winter Garden

The Bald Cypress is a favorite of mine year round.

Grass in Winter

This is why I let the ornamental grasses stand until early spring : they had such beautiful structure to the garden.

Meadow in Winter

The Meadow in Winter

winter garden / cats

The kitties run a head as we race back to the house this cold winter morning.

Happy Weekend Everyone – I hope you get out and walk in the garden this winter.


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