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Flower Friday is a great time to share what you have growing in your garden.  I started sharing flowers on Friday on my blog back in 2008.  In this post enjoy my Flower Friday collection and join the fun.

Image Collection

Peppers and Flowers

This is my image collection on Flickr featuring my flower Friday favorite shares.  Let me know what you think by sharing on Social media @brenhaas.

Having a hard time viewing the image collection just click over to Flickr at @bg_garden or connect with me on my website.  I can’t wait to see what you have to share on this special day.

More Flower Friday Posts

Learn more about Flower Friday by checking out these other posts on my website.  Interested in growing your own flowers just send me a message or search ‘grow your own’ on my site.

Some of my favorites to grow are Hydrangeas.  In this post, I share how to preserve a flower.

How to Dry and Preserver Hydrangea Flowers

My Red, White and Blue Rose Garden

Share More Flowers

Not sure how to join the fun of sharing on flower Friday?  Just be sure to connect with me on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram using @brenhaas.  I like using the hashtag #flowerfriday with my images on social media.  Some of the best flowers to share during this event are the ones you have in your home or garden on that Friday.  Not a gardener… you are welcome to share blooms at garden centers, grocery stores, and even farmers markets.  How about connecting with a neighbor who has flowers growing in her garden to share for this special day?!

Let’s Connect

I am thrilled to see what you have to share  so be sure to tag me in your social media post. You can find me on the web at @brenhaas. Also, reach out to me on my contact page featured on this website.
Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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