Flickr Friday : Traffic Anyone?

At some point or another I’m sure every blogger has asked themselves ‘where in the world is my traffic?’ Come on now, I know I have seen many tweets and facebook status stating they don’t care about the numbers and questioning do those isp clicks really matter? I guess just like anything else in this life, one can look at this questions as just another situation that ‘ is all in the eye of the beholder’. Today was one of those days I’m questioning ‘traffic’ and wondering WHERE THE HECK is everyone?

My nephews future bride helped me set up a flickr account 4 years ago.  It was a great way for us to share our photography with one another being so many miles away from each other and both totally into photography.    I’ve had a ‘love – hate’ relationship with the Flickr network most of the four years we’ve been together. I guess my biggest hang up was not understanding the world of sharing completely and being afraid someone was going to steal my privacy.   As time went on I learned about watermarking and that putting things out there really wasn’t that bad if you are looking to share your love for photography and invite overs to have conversations that you could learn from.

After being away from the photo sharing network for a few long months, I started thinking about  Flickr again.  My summer schedule left me too busy networking on Twitter , Facebook ,working on the photography business that I was doing the networking for to begin with and trying to keep up with my many gardens.   In late summer I had the privilege of meeting an amazing southern gardener who at the time I had no idea he was the owner / designer of that months  featured garden in one of my favorite garden magazines.  Can you imagine my surprise when I got home to flip open my summer edition of Southern Living to find Mr. Scott’s featured garden?!  It was fun talking with him on my way into Dallas Texas on that shuttle to the GWA event.   Mr. Scott was  this kind southern gardeners name and the one thing he wanted to learn while at this garden writer event was how to use Flickr.

Let Flickr Do the ‘work’

Easy to upload and install user friendly photo organizer that is free may leave you questioning the possibilities. This services provided by flickr  will give you an open gate to photography networking not to mention the gardens you will be able to share.  Users can have virtually as many photos as they want to share right at their finger tips.  Being totally into doing my own HTML / Flash photo albums that are totally mine with no strings attached is something I take pride in on my albums.  HOWEVER, when it comes to pulling in the traffic those albums will sit for days if I don’t do some extra work sharing them on the networks.  With Flickr, the images they make an album with are networked almost immediately.   Below I share  a slide show that took me roughly 10 minutes to upload and type a few ‘tags’ and titles into.  With results like that …. why not let Flickr do the work for you?

Traffic Anyone?

With all the talk of outside networking with using a Flickr account and the time it took me to type this blog I’ve had 8 new ISP numbers click on my blog. It could be the links provided on the new uploads over at the photo share site but I do want to note that  none of those visitors left  a comment during this time.  I guess that is a totally different subject to be addressed in another blog entry.    My hopes with committing to use the photos sharing account once again is that it will allow me to met others who love to garden and share photos.  I’m looking for some feedback about my images the subjects in them.  I have to wonder if many I just don’t invite enough feedback because I see they are coming to the site with the hidden stat tool.

I hope I have inspired you to think about traffic and what it means to you.    I want to send a special thank you out to my Twitter friend Dawn Fine who has a RSS feed on her twitter account that will share my blog posts as they are entered.  I’m honored to have met Dawn online and look forward to someday possibly meeting her as she travels this great country of ours sharing from her full time R.V. adventures.   Please do me a favor and create some traffic over at her site today to show some blogger love! Dawns Bloggy Blog

The collection above is from my shares over at Facebook on the BGgarden Page where I share daily and the conversation is always a buzz!

I’m inviting you …. please tell me what you think about traffic on blogs.

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