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The garden season is in full swing and the plants are ready to grow. But wait... those plants need food to thrive! Fertilizing is one of the biggest questions most people have when it comes to gardening. This weeks GardenChat on Twitter topic is going to take the guess work out of how to feed your plants and lawn. Join us as we discuss fertilizer tips and tricks with a special product giveaway sponsored by Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow

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The main event starts when the questions start rolling at 9:15 p.m. ET with @thegardenchat hosting.   Every five minutes watch for a new questions and be sure sure to reply and add the #gardenchat to each share.  Be sure to follow the Twitter questions and chat information by host @thegardenchat on Twitter.  After the event on Monday May 30, 2016 you will be able to click on the actual questions to see what others had to say during the event so be sure to check back.











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Don’t miss the sponsored product giveaway this week from Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow.  Two participants in this giveaway will win a bag of Worm Castings.  Follow the easy steps below to be entered in the giveaway.
1. Join the conversation on Twitter at 9 -10 pm. ET May 30,2016 and participate in the conversation.
[Tweet “I just entered the worm casting giveaway featured on #gardenchat this Monday! @thegardenchat “]
2. Share a fertilizer tip on the Facebook group page or on this blog post. 
** The Twitter #gardenchat participants announced as winners must contact Bren – Host of GardenChat Twitter event by Tuesday May 31, 2016  with shipping information in order to receive product.  This promotion is open to legal U.S. residents (including D.C.) & Canada residents, who are 18 years of age or older, and who have reached the age of majority in their state of residence. Winner of product will be announced during the #gardenchat Twitter event at 10 p.m. ET  If names announced during the twitter event and posted on this BLOG post after Midnight Monday do not contact GardenChat Host by set date and time listed above  they are disqualified.

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In the 1970s, Dave Thompson, a first grade school teacher in Aurora, Ill., began teaching his students about the cycle of life by watching chicks hatch. Dave began taking the chickens back to his farm and, as the flock of chickens grew, so did Dave’s love for the birds.
After years of caring for chickens and selling their eggs, Dave realized the mountain of chicken litter his chickens produced could be used as fertilizer, and his entrepreneurial mind went to work. After years of testing and analysis, he created a microbe-rich fertilizer produced through a natural aerobic composting process. Dave doesn’t use accelerants and he doesn’t heat his compost; he simply lets nature run its course and produce nutritious, plant-strengthening compost formulated to organically grow prosperous flowers and vegetables. This is important for Dave, because for him, “The Way it’s Made Matters“, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Read more about Dave Thompson at : Healthy Grow.com

This post and event is sponsored by the Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow. I agreed to test the fertilizer featured on my site. The opinions expressed are entirely my own. If you choose to order any of these product using the links provided here, I may receive a small commission for your purchase.

4 thoughts on “Fertilizer Tips & Tricks”

  1. Organic fertilizers like compost, composted manure, vermicompost,and leaf mold offer a diverse spectrum of nutrients and microbes that you can not duplicate with synthetic fertilizers. I am very satisfied with the results I get from using these products to grow food crops, fruit trees, shrubs and ornamentals. I have never killed a plant with compost, but I’ve killed plenty with too much of the synthetic fertilizers.

  2. My tip is do your research before you go to the garden supply center. At the big box stores, company sales reps will be there to sway your decisions on the weekends. Know what you want before you go, and stay strong!

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