Fairy Garden on Twitter GardenChat Event

Fairy Garden on Twitter Gardenchat

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The conversation starts at 9 p.m. ET every Monday on Twitter. Follow GardenChat with Bren Haas account on Twitter who leads up the event each week.  Connect with host @BrenHaas who engages with influential gardeners from around the world for these fun Twitter forum events.  Inviting your friends is not mandatory but  easy to do so be sure to click on the tweet link below. Everyone is welcome to discuss  Fairy Gardening  as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early.

Everyone Welcome To Join Conversation

Be sure to share by tweeting below.  Everyone welcome to join the conversation on #gardenchat Twitter.

GardenChat Twitter Questions

It’s super easy to connect with gardens using Twitter for the GardenChat events. Replying with your answer to each questions ask by the host of #gardenchat makes you part of the event.  The questions below are for participants convenience so be sure to check them out. Make your response personal by adding a photo and or link to your website.

Miniature Gardening Twitter GardenChat Questions

The Recap on Twitter

Below are the answers to each questions submitted on Twitter (added after live event).  Click on the questions to see the answer from those who participate on Twitter GardenChat.

What Others Are Saying

Let’s Connect

The event starts live at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter every Monday.  Please be sure to connect with me (@brenhaas)  if you need more information.  Not sure how to join the conversation on Twitter? Can’t make it to the event just ask questions or submit ideas below.  I’d love to help you learn how so ask questions in the comment space below.

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