Enchanted Guardians Giveaway

Miniature gardens have always interests me at garden events and garden centers as a photographer.  It’s really a fun experience to look through your camera lens that allows you to be IN the garden  with the up close view.  This past week I put together my very first fairy garden after seeing a few neat displays at Chicago Flower & Garden Show and Tellys Garden Center visit.  Below I will share with you my soil, container idea and planting tips.  There is also an Enchanted Guardian Giveaway going on so be sure to enter that by reading the information further in this post.

mixing potting soil
Check out Garden Chatter #24 : Mark Highland Gives Some Great Potting Soil Tips https://youtu.be/0gBRp4ScJJQ


First step was to mix up some good potting soil for this project.   I used a recipe we talked about on the last Garden Chatter with Adam Cortell and Mark Highland of Organic Mechanics.  You can get the recipe and see the video on my youtube page at: https://youtu.be/0gBRp4ScJJQ.

self watering patio pod

Finding the perfect container wasn’t easy.  Luckily, I started my search at The Andersons Garden Center where they usually have some very unusual containers for the garden.  I fell in love with this self watering patio pod and knew right away it was perfect for my organic garden I was creating.

cold season garden

I’ve filled my fairy garden with my favorite spring cool crops.  I have bok choy, lettuces, onions and pansies in this planting.  My Fairies are from Department 56 – Enchanted Guardian fairy garden series.  The figurines are available at select retail locations and also through their website.  The Enchanted Guardians collection is part of an all-new line called “Garden District,” which is a line of garden figures and garden-themed home accents, created to capture dedicated Department 56 fans and engage a potential new audience that includes gardeners and potentially, DIY enthusiasts and parents who enjoy gardening with their children.  I’ve included the story sheet from the Enchanted Guardians collection so you can read about each figure.

Enchanted Fairy Garden
And Rabbit‐Queen Alice takes care of them all.


I have to admit I felt a little selfish playing with these whimsy characters with out my little helper over for a visit.  Adding the figurines to my veggie garden was almost as fun as planting the veggies. Each figure has a distinct personalities, they stimulate the imagination and thus tend to evoke conversations, stories, and even friendships among the Enchanted Guardians and their garden creators.

LOOK CLOSE … did you find the little mouse?  Grace Kitty did as you can see in the image below.

Grace Kitty spots the mouse!
Grace Kitty spotted Squeak – the Mouse fairy.
Spike – the magic hedgehog (winged), a nocturnal animal, is on guard in the garden for the night shift
and sleeps in his subterranean rock cave during the day.

I’m having way too much fun with this …. just look at the sweet little Fairy in my Bok Choy!

Ponder , the gnome ladybug shepherd, watches over and protect the bees, spiders, and ladybugs and
teach the fairies how, in turn, to care for the growing seeds.  Ladybugs guard the seeds as well against
outside dangers that would keep the seeds from growing.


Your Invited to pin your favorite garden image or inspiration in order to win a full set of Department 56 Enchanted Guardians. Submit any garden-related or garden-inspired pin that you enjoy YOU do NOT have to pin any of my photos shares on this blog post to be entered in giveaway.  To enter you do not have to purchase anything.  Simple stop over to the  Pinterest board and PIN. Go HERE & enter your email address. Then pin your favorite fairy garden image! (you’ll see where to pin when you click over)

Department 56 will get the address and contact information from Curalate, who is administering the Pinterest sweepstakes. We will ship the entire Guardian set to that address after the random drawing.  Sweepstakes ends on June 15, 2015 with Department 56 announcing winner on June 19.

Contest information here!
Click Here for Official Rules

The winner will receive $500.00 in Enchanted Guardians product! (And the runner-up will receive $100.00 in Enchanted Guardians product!) 

You can find out more about Enchanted Guardians / #D56EnchantedGuardians:

Facebook, Instagram  and Pinterest.  Be sure to stop by their website at : http://garden.department56.com

Here is the adorable story behind each character : http://pages.brenhaas.com/pdf/Enchanted-Guardians-Story-Final.pdf

Spring Veggie Garden Fairy

Good luck  .. I hope you get to own your own Enchanted Guardians like me.  I want to tell you that I was given my set featured on my site today and network and I’m a paid sponsor to promote the pinterest sweepstakes.  My plantings and all opinions expressed on this post are mine!


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