Distant Drum Sunrise

This just maybe my last walk and share from my front rose garden to capture the blooms for 2014. After being cheated out of a spring filled with new rose blooms I’m not going to complain about the abundance of blooms this late in the season. It’s killing me not being able to cut them because I hope to enjoy the rose hips for winter.

Video from my Youtube page at : BGgardenlive 

The Distant Drum Rose
I go on and on about the color of this variety each time I share it. I just can’t get enough of the orange and pink color show that takes place in this bloom.
This morning I counted over a dozen blooms and buds on one plant. How exciting to see the shrub not only surviving the crazy winter we had but thriving.
As the sunrises above the trees and into my home garden… Beautiful morning.
It is sad to think that in a few short weeks the leaves will all fall and we have no idea to what the winter weather will be. I’m thankful for this morning and that I was able to capture it to the best of my ability to share with you all.

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