Digging Deep with Fran Sorin : Podcast

Have you ever read a book that motivates as it inspires you to express yourself in the garden.  I felt that way about Fran Sorin’s book ‘Digging Deep’.   Fran challenged me almost a year ago when I first read her book to get organized with my creative side in the garden.  Tonight I’m honored to share with you an interview I had with Fran before she guest host on #gardenchat Twitter chat forum.

About Fran:

Fran Sorin
Fran Sorin : Digging Deep

In addition to being a recognized garden expert and deep ecologist, I am a broadcaster, journalist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, and Soul Tender. All of my work — whether I am writing, designing a garden, or guiding someone to a broader understanding of their potential through my soul tending practice – is based on my deep belief that our need to connect to the earth is an inherent trait – and that by doing so, we heal and experience more joy in our lives. – from Fran Sorin.com


My Interview with Fran Sorin

I hope you will click on the podcast below as I have a casual conversation with Fran who is presently living in Tel Aviv City in Israel.  It was like enjoying a quick chat with my neighbor Fran shares with me her love for gardening , why she grows in raised beds and her fun new project that is making folks smile!

Check out this video on Fran Sorin roof top in Israel.   The birds in the background on this video sound sooo cool!


Be sure to tweet in tonight on #gardenchat as Fran is our guest host.  If you missed the event you can also find out complete information at connect-share-grow.com / #gardenchat website.


DO you garden in raised beds?  Share with me by commenting on this post …. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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