Decadent Shakes: Milkshakes and More Book Review

Decadent Shakes: Milkshakes and More Book Review
  • Decadent Shakes Milkshakes with more

Over 40 decadent Shakes You'll Want to Create For Yourself!

Decadent Shakes Milkshakes with More…This is the perfect book if you are on a diet because you can’t gain weight by looking at the amazing photography in this publication. I would recommend trying the ‘Pash Me’ which is loaded with mink leaves peaches and other frozen fruit topped with beautiful citrus frozen. The authors (Matthew, Sarah, and Brendan Aouad ) are the creators of the world famous Nutella Milkshake. 112 pages of beautiful color images that will inspire you to no end – how did they come up with so many creative milkshakes?! You must get this book to add to your kitchen collection or give to your favorite person with a sweet tooth!

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The images in the book making this an awesome coffee table publication.


Some of the decadent toppings mentioned in the book were hard to find locally and at online shops.

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Decadent shakes are more than just good eats... they are a piece of art.  In this post, I share Decadent Shakes: Milkshakes and More book review and a Chocolate lovers recipes.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

chocolate milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake

Just try picking 1 recipe to highlight in a blog post from this book… I dare you!  The traditional Chocolate Milkshake is my all time favorite. With all milk-based drinks, you can easily substitute milk for soy milk.  The author of Decadent Shakes: Milkshakes and More recommends adding 10% more liquid if you remove the ice cream.

Chocolate Milkshake
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  • 3 pumps of chocolate syrup
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 10 fl oz of cold milk
  • For Presentation
  • 1 chocolate rimmed glass
  • 1 longstraw
  • 1 jelly snake
  • rice bubbles
  • colored popcorn


  1. Put all ingredients in blender and mix until creamy
  2. For Decorations
  3. Before pouring the mixture into the glass, create a chocolate rim around the top of the glass or canning jar.
  4. Pour blender mix into glass up to the rim
  5. scatter the rice bubbles over the shake until it is entirely covered
  6. place a straw on right side of the milkshake
  7. wrap a jelly snake around the straw and place colored popcorn on top of the rice bubbles until the glass is completely covered

This recipe is from Decadent Shakes: Milkshakes and More.

Images Of The Publication

milkshakes with more

Below are some of the photos I took to give you a better idea of what the book is really like.  I highly recommend this book because it is totally a feel-good happy book.

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