Debra Lee Baldwin Interview And Book Review


Debra Lee Baldwin Interview

The Book…. Amazing and EVERYONE should own this!

Over the years I have grown to love succulents because of their unique shapes and low maintenance. Succulents are the most forgiving plants on our planet and Author Debra Lee Baldwin brings that to life in ‘Succulent Container  Gardens – Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy -Care Plants.’ In this post I share my interview with Debra Lee Baldwin.

Debra Lee Baldwin Interview

Debra was kind enough to answer question about her art career, her writings and of course share some gardening tips.

Bren Haas: When did you discover your love for succulents? 

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Bren Haas : Did you have formal training in painting or were you born with that remarkable talent?

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Bren Haas: Who is your mentor – in writing and / or art?    Do you have a particular artist you admire who has encouraged you along the way?

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Bren Haas: Do you have another favorite medium in art besides watercolor and photography?

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Bren Haas : Which came first with your succulent water paintings – the photograph or the canvas work?

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About Author / Artist Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra Lee Baldwin on Twitter

I came across some amazing photos of succulents in containers on Facebook’s Debra Lee Baldwin page.  I love being on Debra’s friends list on Facebook and Instagram because she posts daily on topics that range from what she is doing in her own garden and on the road as well.  She is one of the top designers on the West Coast and I thoroughly enjoy her creative shares.

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I recognize Debra for being an extremely creative watercolor artist and later found that she is a prize winning author.  Be sure to bookmark her Zazzle site to take a look at some of her work.  She also shares some of her paintings. Be sure to click over and check out her photography on her website and on Gardening Gone Wild where she blogs with Fran Sorin and Saxon Holt.

Succulent Container Gardens Book Review

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