Dead Heading in the Rose Garden

Encourage re-bloom by removing the spent or withered flower on most any flower is called dead-heading.  That is one word from the garden dictionary I never forget.  It is very important that you dead-head roses to encourage new blooms on the plant.  Today I’m sharing a few tips on dead-heading along with a fabulous giveaway you won’t want to miss on #gardenchat ( Twitter Chat Forum) taking place tonight.

3 Easy Steps From My Garden on Dead-Heading

1. Wait till the blooms has finished putting on a show ( usually once a few leaves start to drop.

2. Cut at an angle at least 3 inches down on the steam and in front of a leave.

3. Drop clippings into a bucket to compost.  Do not leave rose clippings in the garden below the roses.


The really cool thing about dead-heading is it is relaxing and there are always extra blooms that aren’t quit ready to be put in the compost and you can take them indoors to enjoy!

Tonight I’ve teamed up with our friends at Corona Tools to do a Soft Gel giveaway during the #gardenchat event.  3 participants will win a pair of the Corfort Gel Snips by Corona Tools.  To view complete details be sure to follow @TheGardenChat on Twitter and visit the website at Connect-Share-Grow .com 


I’m heading back out to the garden to water my containers on this beautiful day in Ohio and I’m totally looking forward to kickin’ back with friends on Twitter #gardenchat tonight!  I hope to see you there.




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