Growing Dahlias From Seed

It’s hard to imagine I use to be scared of dahlias.  Little did I know how easy and rewarding growing dahlias from seed could be.  In this post discover the world of growing dahlias from seed with experienced gardeners who shared on social media.

Growing Dahlias From Seed

Have you seen these in the local garden center or grocery store?  Dahlia seeds can be found EVERYWHERE these days.

While waiting for my husband to pick up some electrical parts needed for yet another DIY home project I wondered over to the garden department.  This package of dahlia seeds were laying next to the summer bulbs.  I’ve always grown my dahlia from the tubers that I plant in late spring.  I start the plants in the greenhouse in early April so they have some green showing just in time for my May 20 planting day.   This year I think I’m going to be adventurous and try some of the dahlias from seed.

Facebook Friends on #gardenchat


Facebook #gardenchat

You know me…. I of course had to share the package of seeds on Facebook with #gardenchat community before purchasing.  With in the first few comments from Monica Milla ,Llyod Travern Sarah O’Neil and Mary Carton knew I better buy two packages!

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventure growing dahlias from seed along with the dozen different varieties of dahlia bulbs I picked up new this season.  It is going to be a fun summer filled with dahlias!


I found this great article at the University of Minnesota Extension Site :  Growing Dahlias

Dahlias In My Garden

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