Creative Seed Growing Challenge

It’s that time of year…. seed growing for garden season.  In this post I challenge you to join the fun at that Creative Seed Growing Challenge.

What is the Creative Seed Growing Challenge

This is your time to show off how creative you are when it comes to sowing seeds.  Show us your best seed sowing container.  Enter as many times as you wish just be sure to grow in an object ( not directly in the ground).  You can plant as many seeds as you need for this challenge.

How To Enter

To enter share a photo of your creative seed growing entry.  The object you grow your seed in can be as big or small.  Be prepared to share with us the details on what soil you used and what seeds you are growing.  You must be a member of the GardenChat Facebook group to enter.  Enter by June 21, 2018.   We will be checking back in as the season kicks in to see how everyones plants are doing!


Update Soon – visit this page for updates soon! 

Get Inspired

Below are a few fun ideas that caught my eye.  I’ll be adding more as the Creative seed growing challenge kicks in so be sure to check back to see more.

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you so please be sure to comment on this blog post.  You can also reach me on social media at @brenhaas.

Happy Creative seed growing challenge,


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