Thank you for stopping by my creative recipes page.  I am in the process of redoing many of my popular recipes and adding new creations.  Be sure to bookmark this page so you will get updates on the latest additions to the recipe book.   Be sure to connect with me on my website with any questions or recipe submissions you would like to make.   – Bren Haas 

Featured Recipes This Week!

Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe

Brens’ Spicy Chicken Soup

This soup creation today has flavors from the garden you will come back for seconds for! In fact, the days I make this I have it for lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day. It isn’t too bad with a fried sunny side up egg on top.  You will love my Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe if you enjoy the southwest of salsa flavors.

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Easy Dinner Recipes

shepherds Pie Recipe

Classic Shepherds Pie Recipe

This recipe isn’t one of the quick and easy versions that are out there. I’ve even served up a quick Shepherds Pie from the freezer department.  This recipe is made with real ground lamb and lots of herbs from my home garden.

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