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container gardening ad for Gardenchat eventContainer gardening isn’t just a trendy thing anymore it is a creative lifestyle for many. In today’s post, I share some creative GardenChat about container gardening.

Creative Container Gardening Ideas

In this post, I hope to share all the different containers I have planted in over the years.  Some of the most creative containers I’ve grown it successfully didn’t cost a penny!  Recycling containers, growing in a boot, an old tea kettle – you name it!  With the right ingredients, you can do anything.

Be sure to check out the GardenChat Twitter event that takes place on this subject.  You are invited to join the conversation as shared in this post below. 

On The Pond Deck

Family gatherings we usually are hanging on the deck by the pond enjoying a meal or snacks from the garden. I’ve always grown some of my favorite herbs, veggies, and annuals up in this sitting area.  One of my favorite containers is a large pot I originally bought for our home in town.  I wish I would have taken a photo of it EVERY year to share how different it is each time.  Every year the pond deck is loaded with flavorful peppers, tomatoes and a few annuals that love full sun.

handful of tomatoes from container

Herb-Filled Table Arrangement

I love to have herbs accessible on the deck to add to the meal or appetizers. Nothing fresher then grown on the table and harvest while dining!

GardenChat Twitter Event – Container Gardening

Join the conversation on Twitter GardenChat.  Below you will find the Q&A for this event.  After the event scheduled date there will be a recap posted below.

  • Question 1 What do you grow successfully in containers? #gardenchat
  • Question 2: Is there a favorite container you like to use each year?  What does the container look like?  #gardenchat
  • Question 3: Share the most unusual container you have ever seen planted up with us on GardenChat.  #gardenchat
  • Question 4: Do you grow vegetables in containers?  List what vegetables and please share a gardening tip! #gardenchat
  • Question 5: Why do you enjoy growing in containers? #gardenchat
  • Question 6: Have you ever grown trees in a container?  Share what trees and any growing tips! #gardenchat
  • Question 7: How do you preserve or keep your containers in good condition year-after-year? #gardenchat
  • Question 8: Growing any herbs in containers? Share which ones and growing tips! #gardenchat
  • Question 9: Favorite perennial or house plant to grow in a container – share tips on growing it! #gardenchat
  • Question 10:  Do you grow with the pets that share the living space with you in mind? List some pet friendly plants and container ideas! #gardenchat

IF you are not on Twitter you are welcome to join the conversation by commenting on this blog post!  I would love to see your photos and more.

Recap From The Event

The Encyclopedia of Container Plants

One of my favorite publications when it comes to Container gardening by Ray Rogers.

encyclopedia of container plants

Interested in purchasing the book?  Click on this Amazon affiliate link to get your copy of The Encyclopedia of Container Plants.

Harvest for All

Betty Kitty on deck in front of containers

These are my fur babies I share my deck with. It is important to think of the pets who share your outdoor living space too so plant accordingly.

olivia and betty in front of containers

Let’s Connect

I invite you to share your garden via blogs and social media.  I hope you will connect with me by commenting on my blog or my contact page.

Happy Container Gardening,

Bren Haas

Bren Haas

Bren Haas

Bren Haas is the creator of GardenChat which is the first online gardening social community using social media. Her website features gardening tips and tricks, recipes, travel ideas, product reviews, and social media how-to help from her personal and unique experiences.

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4 thoughts on “Creative Container Gardening on Twitter GardenChat”

  1. I love your pond deck! I’m pretty sure I saw a cactus in one of your containers. Are you taking that in for the winter?

  2. That is an awesome cactus! I would never have thought of putting it with the plants you put it with. They look great with it!


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