Containers Ideas on GardenChat Event

Containers and Planters on GardenChat Event

Join the conversation as we discuss Container & Planters on Twitter GardenChat Event.  Below you will find the details about this event.

Don’t be late.. the live Twitter Chat event takes place at 9-10 p.m. ET every Monday.  Below you will find the questions for this scheduled event discussing Containers & Planters.  Start the conversation NOW by sharing the tweet below:

[Tweet “Join us as we discuss container and planter ideas on GardenChat Twitter #gardenchat @brenhaas “]

Q&A for this Event

Below are the questions presented during the live Twitter event scheduled above.

  • Question 1: What is your favorite plant to pot up in containers for home & garden? #gardenchat
  • Question 2: Do you recycle and use the same containers around your garden & home each year? #gardenchat
  • Question 3: How do you water your containers? Do they have built-in irrigation / watering capability? #gardenchat
  • Question 4: Do you use natural materials to make a container or planter?  (straw, stone, vine etc) #gardenchat
  • Question 5: Have you used recycled materials as a container or planter? #gardenchat
  • Question 6: What is the most unusual thing you’ve seen used as a container/planter?  #gardenchat
  • Question 7: How do you clean or prepare your containers year after year?  #gardenchat
  • Question 8: Do you have containers that can not be moved?  Share how you care for them and what you plant in them! #gardenchat
  • Question 9: Have you seen any unusual containers this year? Share where and what was planted in it.  #gardenchat
  • Question 10: Let’s get creative this year… will you blog about a container you put together and post it on #gardenchat (images welcome)

containers and Planters

Highlights From Event

After the event, you will find the recap here!  Highlights are also found on the moments from this event on Twitter @brenHaas.

Let’s Get Social

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containers and planters on GardeNchat Pinterest

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you so be sure to comment below with your container and planter ideas or connect with me on my contact page featured in this post.  Interested in hosting a GardenChat event please fill out the form on this Twitter request page.

Happy Planting,

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