Conifers for Christmas : Podcast Featuring Potted Conifer How-To’s

One of the freshest and uplifting scents in nature is that of the conifer; Any cone-bearing tree. Who doesn’t enjoy a walk in a wooded area loaded with evergreens and pines? I don’t remember the story of why trees like the Douglas Fir were picked as the ‘official’ Christmas tree but if I were to guess it is because conifers have an amazing fragrance.

Just a few years ago we had our families very first cut tree in our home for Christmas. I can’ remember having a cut tree growing up in the 70’s and 80’s but never carried on that tradition as an adult when I became a home owner. The experience of having a cut tree for Christmas was  memorable with the pine scent that filled our home and the fun we had picking it out at the garden center.

During my visit to Hidden Lake Gardens Ron gave us a first class tour of some of the most amazing conifers in North America.

In the last two years I have become a big fan of conifer gardens and the magic they hold.  I’m finding it harder to entertain the idea of having a cut live tree in my home after growing and maintaining a few pines in my landscaped gardens.  I’ve been growing a few conifers including the fir that is commonly used for cutting has made me more sensitive to the idea of killing a hidden treasures just for a week of pleasure in the home. I feel like such a ‘tree hugger’ saying that … ‘bah – hum-bug’ right?! I know the trees that are cut down are grown just for the cutting. With all this in mind I reminisce of a recent trip to Hidden Lake Gardens with my friends Ron Elardo and Maria Devries.



The image above was one of my favorite conifers in the garden located in the Harper Collection of Dwarf & Rare Conifers  located in Hidden Lake Gardens. Wouldn’t this be adorable potted up and a single gold star hanging from it being used inside as a Christmas tree?  Better yet , wouldn’t this be amazing in my Ohio landscape this spring? #justsayin



Ron has an extensive collection of conifers in containers in his home garden.  The image above is one of my favorite varieties that he owns.


Any one of these conifers pictured in the image above would look amazing as a Christmas tree if you ask me!  Ron gifted Maria and I with one of his container conifers to take home the day we visited.  Mine are cozy next to my greenhouse for the winter and I have 6 months to decide where I’m going to plant it in my Ohio landscape.



It amazes me how many different varieties of conifers there are … not to mention all that Ron has in his Michigan home and garden.

 Podcast  with @Whadyacallit : Container Conifer How-To’s

In the podcast today Ron shares with us how to keep a container conifer for Christmas indoors.  You will also hear some great tips about maintaining a cut tree and planting the potted conifer.  Find out more about today’s podcast guest host Ron Elardo at Whadyacallit Gardening .com

youtube Channel : Conifers for Christmas : Podcast Featuring Potted Conifer How-To’s
Check out my Podcast with Ron Elardo – The Conifer Expert @Whadyacallit sharing Container Conifer How-to’s




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