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Creative Christmas Wreath DIY

I fell in love with the gold and cream music theme ribbon at Hobby Lobby during the holiday season. I’m using natural accents that include cream for the theme in my home this season as we decorate for Christmas. In this post, I’m going to share with you a photo collection of the items I use to create my wreath that hangs above the fireplace in the great room of my home. All of the items I used can be recycled and stored to use in the years to come. I hope my share will inspire you to head out to your local hobby center and pick up some supplies to create a wreath that shares your personal style in your home.

DIY Creative Christmas Wreath

DIY Creative Christmas Wreath

The Bow

Bows are super easy to make with ribbon you can find at hobby and craft stores. I shared a Youtube video years ago on how to tie a bow for your garden.  You can use these same directions on wreaths in your home.

Make Your Own Red Ribbon Video 

This video is from a few years ago but you’ll get the idea of how this is done.

This video on YouTube at DIY Projects.  Find me on YouTube and subscribe because I appreciate the support.  My Bren Haas YouTube Channel is filled with fun creative ideas.

The Ribbon

I love this ribbon!  Each year I’m very careful to undo each bow and store the ribbon in a roll so it can be used again.  Some of the ribbons in my collection are over 10 years old.  I have a few different color themes I alternate with each year.  I’ll try and share my Christmas Decorr each year on my website.


Accessories the Wreath

You don’t have to buy all new accessories to add to the wreath.  Simply go through your Christmas supplies and add unique floral sprays or old ornaments.

DIY Creative Christmas Wreath

Other Creative Ideas…

These gold feathers caught my eye.  They remind me of my feathered friends who visit the garden so they are a must on my wreath.  To add them to the wreath cut a piece of wire about 2″ long and loop onto the wreath.DIY Creative Christmas Wreath

I’m also attaching these pretty rust with sparkle flowers onto the wreath.  I  bought these in a bouquet and used wire cutters removing each flower and stem.  After removing from the bouquet I cut the wire stem to about 6″ long – just enough to weave into the wreath.  Some crafters use hot glue but I find it just as easy to use wire that can be reused.

burlap flowers

I considered using these eye-catching burlap flowers until I found the gold and cream ribbon.  The burlap flowers are super trendy!

Tip When Collecting Pine Cones For Wreath

DIY Creative Christmas Wreath

Be sure to let the pine cones sit in a dry location so the sap can dry up and drip on your wreathh or interior. I love the idea of having more of nature in our indoor decor if it is fake or not!  Be sure to reach out to me on social media and tell me what you think about that.

Lets Connect

Do you hang a wreath in your home each season?  I’d love to hear about the creative things you put together so please comment below so we can connect.


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