Chase Away Winter Blues With Tulips and Chocolate

Brrr.... cold day in Bowling Green Ohio!

Brrr…. cold day in Bowling Green Ohio!

It was a typical Ohio January winter day with temperatures in the single digits when I got a package delivered by FedEx. What a wonderful surprise to see one of my favorite barns on  the box!  It was the Stargazer barn logo …. which means American Grown Flowers! In this post I share a chocolate and tulips review you won’t want to miss.


Stargazer Barn Tulip Delivery

The FedEx lady wanted to stick around while I open the box because of all the raving I was doing about Stargazer Barns passion for American Grown Blooms. I would have done a selfie with her but I had my PJ’s on! LOL



This collection includes fragrant tulips, perfumes, and rich dark chocolate: Fresh and oh so yummy! 

Brighten Up The Indoors with Tulips

Cut Flowers and Chocolate Gift Review
  • Stargazer Barn Tulips
  • Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate - 72% Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar


Speedy delivery, beautiful presentation and quality product – expect nothing more with this American grown flower company. I HIGHLY recommend Stargazer Barn Tulips to EVERYONE I know. I was impressed with how amazing the cut flowers looked being shipped during an arctic blast here in Ohio didn’t seem to effect the quality of the tulips at all. The tulips are still looking wonderful with only a few fallen petals as we enter week 2 in my home which I want to note is heated by a wood stove! I highly recommend this gift to ANYONE who enjoys spring and finding simple love! dd

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate – 72% Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar is an excellent addition to any flower delivery. What I liked most about this chocolate was the wrapping. The heavy paper with tie closer made it easy to store for later enjoyment. You will want to take small bites to just take in and enjoy the flavor of this unique bean. The flavor was excellent – MUST experience at least 1 time in your life!

When the tulips arrived they were ready to be displayed in the attractive vase that was included.  Within a few hours the tulips seem to wake up and light up the room.

Chase Away Winter Blues With Tulips

Chase Away Winter Blues With Tulips

A Week Later I shared on Instagram my Tulips … they had grown at least 3″ taller and the scent was amazing!



Chocolate to DIE FOR!

The dark chocolate was really amazing… unlike any I’ve ever had.  And trust me…. I am a fan of fine chocolates.

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