Celebrate with Cut Flowers in the New Year

Happy New Year – Picked this beautiful boutique of cut flowers up locally to enjoy indoors in the New Year. In this post I share tips on how to keep cut flowers looking their best for the new year.

Cut Flower Tips

cut bottom of flowers to keep fresh

Cut Stems

When bringing that beautiful boutique of flowers home cut ( at an angle)  1″ off the bottom of the steam.  A fresh cut allows the flower to take in fresh water from the boutique vase.

Fresh Water in Clean Vase

cut flowers in favorite vase
I put my boutique in my favorite crystal  vase on our dinning room table which is the center of our home.

Never use softened water in a vase solution as it contains sodium, which is bad for cut flowers.

Feed The Cut Flower

Flowers are living and will flourish if you feed them. You can use the packet that is usually attached to most cut flower boutiques when you purchase them at the store.  You can also mix a few drops of lemon, sugar and a dab of bleach in the vase.

Where to Enjoy Cut Flowers

Be sure to keep the flowers in a cool location. Never place the vase of cut flowers in direct sunlight or near a heater vent.  This will dry out the cut flowers and cause the cuttings to dry up quickly.

cut flowers in favorite vase
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Happy New Year,


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