Caring For Potted Plants

When working in the garden center a few years ago I notice many people pick the wrong plant combinations to add to their favorite containers. When picking a plant combo for containers  its important to keep in mind the conditions each plant likes.  Knowing if a plant is sun or shade is just as important as using the correct soil for containers.

“Is this a full sun plant and will it grow to be 4″ wide?”  Not all plants can grow successfully in containers.

Mothers Day Combination : Find these beauties in NW Ohio at The Andersons General  Store

I love seeing the new containers filled with combinations that all you have to do is plant in your favorite container.  A favorite combination of mine is the One Step Style Containers by HGTV Home Plant collection at garden centers this spring.  The Sassy Sweetheart is a combo I have as you enter the garden from the sun room of my home.  Today I’d like to share with you how to care for these potted plants.

Caring for Potted Plants

We’ve been having record breaking heat this spring in Ohio.  I’m thankful to have my plants in container so I can easily move them to a shade location.  Keep in mind containers do not like drastic heat, cold and or wind the spring months can bring.  It is best to keep containers close to the house and under a porch during extreme heat.

It is super important to NEVER water directly onto the blooms in a container.  use the hose on mist if you feel you need to water the booms but it is best to water down into the container at the roots.  Be sure to check and make sure you have soaked the enter soil not just in one location.

Get The Power Tools Out 

drill hole

Always make sure their is a hole in the bottom of containers for proper drainage. 

*Most of the containers that are pre-assembled have the holes in them like the HGTV Home Plant Collection.

Deadhead The Plants 

dead head
DeadHead ( not the rock band!) The Plant As Needed

Deadhead any and all spent blooms to encourage new growth.  With the geraniums you can do it by hand snapping the spent flower off at the stem.

new growth
New growth on the annuals is always  exciting to see.
New Growth : This geranium is amazing in the Sassy Sweetheart Container.  Don’t forget to feed these plants when you get them home.  Most plants that come from the garden centers have enough fertilizer in them to last at least 3 months. If the blooms appear to be decreasing that is usually the time to fertilize .

Most Important : Step Back and Enjoy 

Containers out Landscape Door
Containers out Landscape Door
The most important tip I want to give you is to put the containers in a location you can enjoy daily.  I have mine placed outside the sun room entrance where I can enjoy from the inside and out.  They are happy blooms that enjoy sunshine in early afternoon and are protected from the hard sun in later afternoon.

I hope these tips help you keep your container blooms coming all summer long and into the autumn frost.  Happy Spring Gardening!


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