Broccoli Benefits

broccoli benifits
It’s December 11 and I have broccoli ready to harvest in my Dome!

A quick Google search will show that the veggie broccoli is know as the worlds healthiest food.  I love broccoli cooking, baked and always fresh from the home garden.  One of the first veggies I’ve grown in my Geodesic Bio Dome is the variety Packman Broccoli.

Benefits That Will Get You Growing Broccoli

  • High in Fiber
  • Broccoli is also packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants
  • Zeaxanthin in broccoli is great for eye health

Cancer Fighting Broccoli 

Enjoying broccoli for its anticancer benefits?  Be sure not to cook the vegetable too long according to a 2007 University of Warwick study finding that boiling broccoli can undermine the effects of the food’s good, cancer-fighting enzymes.

Easy To Grow

After a rough start battling bunnies : I finally enjoyed some broccoli with dinner.
After a rough start battling bunnies : I finally enjoyed some broccoli with dinner.

The broccoli I have growing in my dome was donated to me by one of my favorite garden centers in NW Ohio. (Thank you Hoens Greenhouse  This past Spring I did grow the variety Artwork from seed indoors and brought them out to the veggie garden for the rabbits to enjoy.  Once I added some pinwheels and hot peppers next to a new batch of broccoli the critters stayed away.   Growing broccoli from seed is super easy as long as you have sunshine and keep the bunnies away from the garden.

Looking to start some broccoli from seed? I suggest visiting your local garden centers or click over to my shop to find more.

Allotment Challenge

One of my favorite Youtube gardening channels created by my friend Sarah at : Sarah the Gardener on Youtube nominated me for the Allotment Challenge.  Below is her video with footage taken at her beautiful New Zealand garden.   I will be sharing my video interview later this week so watch for it on my channel at : Creative Living & Growing on Youtube. 

More of my favorite Gardeners at : Spotlight on Gardeners 

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