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breakfast garden - enjoying and growing in the gardenOne of my favorite ways to start the day is Breakfast garden style.  In this post we discuss ways to enjoy and grow garden.  Be sure to check out the GardenChat Twitter event information.

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[Tweet “Do you grow a Breakfast Garden? Start the day out growing and enjoying in the garden. #gardenchat “]

GardenChat Twitter Event

Join the conversation on Twitter. Information including Q & A are featured below.  More ab out  the event listed on the GardenChat page and image below.

breakfast garden - enjoying and growing in the garden Breakfast Garden - garden theme breakfast rooms, eating in the garden, ebibles to add to your garden for breakfast.

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Enjoy the morning in the garden or with edibles grown in the garden.

I am super excited to connect with you.  Please be sure to comment on this post or leave a comment on my contact page featured on this site.

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