Black Pots and My How You’ve Grown – Throwback Thursday from Garden 2008 #TBT

Have you ever looked back at images from your garden and laughed about something you had planted together? As I grabbed a DVD filled with images from gardening past for ‘Throwback Thursday’ shares today I was shocked to see I actually did a display AND took photos of it on my porch with greenhouse growing pots. ((GASP))  On another note, it is really fun to look at how my gardens have grown and transpired over the past 6 years as I look back at the Autumn garden 2008 today.

The first thing I noticed is how cute little Jack Kitty was on the front porch … he is now the only full time house kitty because I was so worried about him and his habit of wondering up near the road.  Second – WHAT?!  My how things have changed with my photography and planting.  I would NEVER share a display of flowers in a growers plastic black container unless it was for a greenhouse photo.   What do you notice in the photo of the front porch?

My How You’ve Grown

TBT_Autumn08BGgarden (12)

This is the front porch garden that is at the main entrance of my home in 2008. I can’t even shoot this angle because the coppertina ninebark shrub located at the bottom of this image is so large!

The photo above is in the front garden right off my front porch. This garden and my front porch was featured in Lawn and Garden Magazine as the front cover back in 2007. It is really exciting to look close and see what has grown, what worked in this garden and is still growing and how small the plants were when they were young.  According to the property file of this image it was taking on October 4 , 2008 and WOW was it ever dry in this landscape.  I do remember there was a time I would get so frustrated in the Autumn garden because everything was so dry.  This is before I realized how important it was to mulch with compost really well this time of year and water the garden early in the day.

Here is the same color mum that was featured in the front porch photo only taken a week later. I'm guessing I planted it in the landscape after the porch photos.

Here is the same color mum that was featured in the front porch photo only taken a week later. I’m guessing I planted it in the landscape after the porch photos.

Now I feel a little better about the black pot photo mentioned at the beginning of this post. In the Autumn 2008 folder the image above features the same colored mum growing in the landscape. My guess is I planted that mum in the landscape after the photo shot of the front porch – whew!

This is the first year I discovered seeds on my lantana plants.

This is the first year I discovered seeds on my lantana plants.

Lantana growing in the landscape with mums is always a hit in any garden. My lantana would get a large as shrubs in my summer garden.  I use to be super addicted to lantana plants even bringing them into the greenhouse for the winter for fear I wouldn’t find them in the garden centers the following growing season. This post as inspired me to do a section in the garden next year with the larger varieties of lantana again because I forgot over the past six years how attractive that was in the landscape.

Before Roses off my front porch #TBT 2008

Before Roses … off the front porch.


The image above shows a view of the front meadow I share at least a dozen times each week. This was obviously before I got bit by the rose bug because this corner of the porch has a trellis with a Don Juan rose growing and the front corner of the yard is where my rose gardens grow. I do love the begonia growing in the hanging basket on the porch in October 2008. The begonia is a plant I can trust to grow all the way from Spring to Autumn because even today I have a healthy begonia in the baskets in that same location.

Veggies Being Harvested in October

Peppers , Okra and Roma in Ohio October Harvest

Check out the peppers, romas and even okra that was harvested from my Ohio Autumn garden 2008 in October.

What Plant is This?

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past six years is I’m still really bad about writing down the names of plants that I grow.  Luckily I have awesome garden friends online to help me I.D. these favorite growers from 2008.  Thank you Philip Nicklay for your help I.D. ing these plants this morning on Twitter.

I WISH I could find that dahlia for my current garden.  I love the burgundy leaves on that plant I purchased at a local IGC in 2008. The Salvia ( pink ) was the center planting in my mud room ( see image above) providing alot of pink in that garden area.  Today the large container is gone from that garden and a trellis is there for a newly planted Iceberg rose climber and my red carpet rose is in place of the salvia.   It is so much fun to look back at plants I grew for #TBT .


DIY from 2008

2008 container on porch featuring spikes and coleus.

2008 container on porch featuring spikes and coleus.

It’s fun to look back today … I think this maybe the last time I used a spike in my container displays! This was a very attractive container featuring some of my all time favorite coleus.

TBT_Autumn08BGgarden (9)
I still own and display this wreath made with silkflowers. I hope you all enjoyed my share from my home garden 2008 for ‘Throwback Thurday’. Please leave a comment and tell what you are sharing for #TBT today!

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