Black Friday Local Family Find and Cut Christmas Tree Tips

The Black Friday Compost
The Black Friday Compost : Hubby Always heads out Thanksgiving morning to pick up the local paper that everyone sorts through all day.

It has become a Thanksgiving tradition that I think began at my in-laws house during Thanksgiving to get a local paper and sort through all the Ads to see all the ‘great deals’ that use to begin on Friday.  Sad to see so many retailers are now open on Thanksgiving but one thing I’ve noticed about our local garden centers  is they practice tradition by celebrating family and not the dollar on this day.   Just one more reason to support local … the love of family and traditions are what make up most local garden centers.   I talked to a few growers / garden center owners in neighboring community of Findlay Ohio on Friday and was filled with Holiday cheer  that I always find in the the  diligence of people in this industry.

Garden Central 

This is a hidden treasure in Findlay Ohio if you ask me.  From the outside during the winter months the Garden Central sign and a few blinking lights in the front window of a small shop is all you will see as you pass down East Main Cross Street near the banks of the Blanchard River.  Once in the parking lot you see the ‘Perennial Lane’ greenhouse filled with Christmas greener.  As I entered the location I was greeted by one of the workers – which is always a bonus at local garden centers!

Photo Collection from Garden Central Visit 

During my visit I had to ask the owner what she specializes in during this season and she told me that the grave blankets a popular.  From the looks of them in the garden center I can see why…  decorated with beautiful bows and full fresh greenery handmade.

My Find : Dogwood Branches 

The red dogwood branches caught my eye.  I’d seen them  this year up in Bowling Green, Ohio on Main Street in the street container as the center piece surrounded by pine cuttings.  I was thinking about checking the hobby store next time I was in town but luck would have it Garden Central had 2 different sizes.  I bought 2 bunches at $12 a piece.  It was a bargain considering it will be a few years before I can cut branches like that off my dogwoods I just planted this year.

I promise to share them on the mantel this week where I plan to use them during the Holiday.  Follow me on Twitter / Instagram where you’ll see it first! 

Brinkman’s Country Corner 

Brinkman’s Country Corner, more than a grocery store A Tradition of Excellence in Findlay for over two decades.

Photo Collection from Brinkman’s Country Corner 

This is the first time I’ve ever actually stopped at Brinkman’s Country Corner in Findlay Ohio.  I usually pass it on my way back from Columbus to my home in Bowling Green, Ohio.  The front entrance of the store is adorable… I love the split wood and pumpkins.  I peeked in the store and spoke with a sales clerk about the Christmas trees that were outside and in the greenhouse attached to the shop.  Everyone on location was super friendly…. and I will definitely return this spring and summer to see what they have available from local growers for the garden.


The Tree Experttree farms

Out in the greenhouse I got to talk with Rod Hose who is from Countryside Tree Farms.  Rod tells me he has been selling Christmas trees here for over 22 years. It was clear to me that his family loves the tree business as they all were on location for opening day today selling fresh cut Christmas trees.  I’m fairly new to having a cut tree to decorate in my home so I had to ask Rod a few questions that have always been on my list!

Bren Asked: What do you suggest should go in the tree stand?

Ron : Use warm water and keep it the stand filled daily. Be sure to make adding water to the tree stand a daily chore you will be able to maintain a good looking tree through Christmas.  

Bren Asked : If purchasing a cut tree for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving what variety do you recommend will perform the  best in the home?

Ron: The Fraser Fir 

I hope if you are are going to decorate this Christmas using a cut tree you will consider stopping down in Findlay to see all the beautiful trees Ron of Countryside Tree Farms  at Brinkman’s Country Corner has to offer this season.

I’m anxious to decorate my home and the Geodesic Bio Dome after shopping local on Black Friday.  I’m going to be adding some new finds that I can’t wait to share throughout the season so I hope you will connect with me and subscribe to my site.  As always, I’d love to hear from you so PLEASE comment below so we can connect! 


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