Bee Sting Remedies

Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee in The Grass

Are you seeing an increase of bees in your garden like I am? Apparently, friend David Clark on Twitter is too because he just got stung! I did a little research and shares about bee sting remedies on my post today that I hope will help you if you ever get stung by a bee.


Here’s What I Know

  • Don’t panic … only about 5% of todays populations is allergic to bee stings.
  • Identify the bee that stung you : know if it has a stinger?  Hornets and wasps do not leave behind stingers.
  • Remove stinger if necessary.
  • Wash with water and soap to clean the sting area.
  • Because of the way hornets and wasp sting : soak area in vinegar for about 15 minutes.  Something to do with  alkalines and neutralize the acidic venom of those bees.




  • Apply baking soda ( enough water to make a thick paste) to help with the swelling and pain.  It’s been a few years since I got stung and this was what worked for me almost immediately.

Pets And Bee Stings

Olivia in the garden


A few years back I was out working in my landscape close to the house and all of a sudden bees started coming out of the mulch – I of course screamed and got stung by 1 but my Dog Olivia came running to see what the matter and suddenly was covered with bees.  Luckily, I had a towel near by and I got her to basically drop and roll so I could pat the bees off of her with the towel.  She stayed with me while I applies cold water from the hose.   After the attach I made sure she drank plenty of water and I kept and eye on her in a cool location watching for swelling or odd behavior. Luckily – she was fine.

** I really believe that if I would have let the dog run off the stings would have been worse.  Helping her pat the bees away may have made all the difference.


Resources :

Check out for great facts about bees.


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1 thought on “Bee Sting Remedies”

  1. I feel sorry for your friend. I still remember exactly the pain I got after a hornet stung me. Luckily, my wife knows a great way around this. She applied a good deal of vinegar and in less than a minute, the discomfort was reduced significantly.


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