Sneak Peek at The Ball Horticulture Spring Trials Event

Each year thousands of growers from around the world travel to the great state of California to tour the Spring Trials.  In this post enjoy a Sneak Peek at The Ball Horticulture Spring Trials Event.

The Spring Trials Event

What is Spring Trials? It’s Spring Trials Week out in California where the leading plant breeders, growers and suppliers display their new plants. This is a great event to give growers and Independent Garden Center owners an idea of what will be available for their customer the following year.  The event is NOT open to the public but as media I enjoyed attending last year and love getting this inside look from my friends at Ball Horticulture that I can share with you today.

Sneak Peek At the Ball Horticulture


Let’s Connect

Can you guess my favorite share from Ball Hort Spring Trials? I can’t wait to grow and taste that amazing meatball eggplant! I’m so excited to get out and garden … as soon as the snow in APRIL melts in my Ohio garden.  It looks like we have plenty to be excited about this summer season in home and garden. 

Happy Spring Everyone,



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  1. I LOVE the ‘Night Sky’ petunia! I can’t wait to grow that in my containers. Gorgeous plants coming this year.


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