Autumn Tree Planting on GardenChat Twitter

Autumn Tree Planting

Join the conversation about Autumn Tree Planting on  GardenChat Twitter.  Autumn is the perfect time to plant trees in most landscapes. During this 1 hour live event on Twitter participants can connect with tree expert and guest host  

You Are Invited

There are a few creative ways you can connect on GardenChat.  Twitter users are invited to share by clicking the tweet below.

[Tweet “Join the Conversation on Autumn Tree Planting on GardenChat Twitter #gardenchat “]

Not on Twitter: No Worries!  Questions are welcome on this blog post.  

Questions and Recap

The questions begin streaming at 9:15 p.m. ET each Monday.  Question listed below will be a live link after the scheduled event. You must be a Twitter user in order to participate.  These questions are based on the topic : Autumn Tree Planting on Twitter GardenChat.

1.     Why is fall a good time of the year to plant trees?

2.     What are things to consider before planting any tree?

3.     Generally, what is the best diameter of hole required for tree planting?

4.     How deep should you plant trees?

5.     What should the mulch ring look like post-planting?

6.     Name two things to watch for as the tree becomes established over the winter?

7.     What can be a wintertime mortality factor for fall planted trees?

8.     What is your favorite tree and why?

9.     What tree would you never want to plant around your house and why?

10.  Do large trees near the house scare you? If so why?

If replying to  these questions be sure to use hashtag #gardenchat .

Questions for the Autumn Tree Planting Event

Let’s Connect

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Comment below and share your story about Autumn Tree Planting.  Connect with guest host @brenhaas on social media and contact page here.

Happy Autumn,

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