Autumn Rose Care With Redneck Rosarian

The leaves are starting to put on their Autumn colors and the rose garden is still putting on a show in most gardens. Growing roses is fun and can be super easy if you follow a few basic maintenance tips. In today’s Garden Chatter presentation Adam Cortell and I welcome  Chris VanCleave. The creator or Rosechat Podcast and rosarian celebrity shares basic Autumn gardening tips from the rose garden.

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Highlights from Redneck Rosarian : Autumn Rose Gardening 

In this post I want to share with you a few of my favorite highlights from the presenation. In this first clip I learned alot about my co:host Adam Cortell . I had no idea he grew a few roses.  In this video clip as open the presentation and welcome our special guest host Chris VanCleave. 

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Meet Chris VanCleave the Redneck Rosarian in this short clip from Garden Chatter.

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One of the many tips Chris VanCleave shared with us on Garden Chatter : Autumn Rose Care. Tall roses need to be cut back so rose hips can form and the winter wind doesn’t damage them.

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Chris answered many questions about roses in the autumn. In this highlight we share rose hips and a pruning tip.

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Slideshow from Presentation 

In The Garden Chatter Chat Room
[00:06:43 – chat] Adam Cortell : Do you grow roses? Welcome to Garden Chatter!
[00:07:14 – chat] Adam Cortell : I only have five roses currently.
[00:07:26 – chat] Elena: HI Adam. I grow 150 roses.
[00:07:38 – chat] Melanie: Yes, I have about 120 rose bushes. Love them!
[00:07:56 – chat] Adam Cortell : Wow! That must meet rosarian criteria!!!
[00:08:36 – chat] Adam Cortell : Feel free to put in questions or comments for Chris
[00:08:39 – chat] Elena: Oh yes. I am a Consultimg Rosarian.
[00:09:34 – chat] Melanie: I’m an enthusiastic amateur. Have learned a lot from being a member of the American Rose Society.
[00:09:43 – chat] Elena: Ask Chris what is his favorite rose or rose category
[00:10:26 – chat] Adam Cortell : I have space for many more!
[00:11:21 – chat] Bren Haas: Thanks for joining us… I couldn’t see you all with the photo show on!
[00:11:29 – chat] Melanie: Adam, plant more. They are addictive!
[00:13:27 – chat] Adam Cortell : This will get me motivated!
[00:15:28 – chat] Suzanne: My Red Drift is doing better now than all summer, but don’t know how much to cut it back
[00:15:58 – chat] Chris VanCleave: Hey everyone
[00:16:01 – chat] Elena: Great suggestion Chris. Cleanliness is important for everyone.
[00:21:45 – chat] Melanie: i have a hard time resisting the urge to cut them.
[00:22:50 – chat] Dave: Hi Chris,
[00:23:20 – chat] Melanie: I’m in northern Ohio. I get lots of heavy wind. I only cut the tallest canes and try to wait until we’ve had a good freeze.
[00:24:25 – chat] Suzanne: ok, not going to cut back until late Feb, early March, hope I get hips, thanks for the great advice!
[00:24:50 – chat] Bren Haas: Hey Suzanne .. what garden zone are you in?
[00:24:58 – chat] Dave: Have a qestion, I am in zone 7 Maryland. Should I prune my schrub roses before the winter but there are not quite a year old
[00:25:18 – chat] Suzanne: i’m in Southern Ontario
[00:25:56 – chat] Dave: Good advice..
[00:26:58 – chat] Bren Haas: < < visit the American Rose Society
[00:27:37 – chat] Elena: Adam, Does this program get archived on YouTube?
[00:27:42 – chat] Dave: Ok thx
[00:28:50 – chat] Suzanne: sounds awesome lol
[00:29:33 – chat] Ann: Thank you from Southern California!
[00:29:42 – chat] Bren Haas: Elena … yes… we will share a link after the event . Also your link to this event will still work.

Be sure to visit Chris VanCleave to find out more about Roses at :

Thank you for taking the time to find out about Garden Chatter. I really hope you will consider subscribing to the Garden Chatter Newsletter so you can join in the conversation on the next event. I’d love to hear from you so comment below if you have any questions or just want to request a topic for Garden Chatter.


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