Apple Blossom

I forgot to label my amaryllis bulbs in the containers I planted them in. The experience of watching the bloom take on color this month has been like Christmas all over again.  The surprise of what the bloom color will be is almost as exciting as having the uplifting color indoors during these drab winter days.

Getting artsy with my bloom today …. I really love adding layers to some of my photos.

I shared a collection of images from today’s bloom on Flickr.  The slideshow is featured below.  If you can’t view it please visit my link on Flickr.

Apple Blossom Amaryllis

Have you  noticed in the last few months I’ve had this fetish with the Amaryllis bulb. Things to keep in mind about the amaryllis : After the amaryllis has stopped flowering it can flower again. Be sure to cut the old flowers from the stem and when the stem starts to drop cut it back to the top of the bulb.  Continue to water and fertilize as normal even in the summer.  The bulb seems to do better if you let the leaves fully develop. In the past I have cut the leaves back once they start to turn yellow and prepare to store the bulb for later blooming. If you want to store the bulb be sure to clean the bulb and place it in a cool place.  It is best to let it rest for six weeks before planting again.  Keep in mind that is usually takes 8 weeks for the bulb to  bloom again after planting!

Be sure to visit my friends at Longfield Gardens if you are thinking about growing your own amaryllis bulbs.

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