Annie Haven : Not Your Everyday Poop Scooper!

Welcome to the first of podcasts on .  In this episode I interview Annie Haven of Authentic Haven Brand / Manure Tea who shares her new found love for growing seeds thanks to the inspiration of #gardenchat.  I’m a huge fan of Annie’s manure bags and I enjoy sharing with everyone that she is a huge part of BGgarden being able to go green.  I use to be a big fan of fertilizers always quoting  that ’20-20-20′ was my favorite to fertilize EVERYTHING with.  2010 I went green / natural in my home, garden, and greenhouse and owe much of my success to

I’m honored to have Annie has my first guest on the Podcast.  In this  Annie and I share some thoughts and great memories as we recap the year after the 1st  #supersowsunday event.  In this podcast Annie shares some tips and ideas on how to start your own veggie and bloom  garden from seed.

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