Amaryllis Natural : No Soil

Have you ever grown anything with no soil? I was inspired by a photo on Google+ this morning by Nancy Wallace  (Garden Consultation) to try growing my amaryllis in a glass container with no soil. I had seen images of bulbs growing this way before in a few popular home magazines but have never actually tried it myself.  Nancy had her paper-whites planted this way so I was quick to Twitter garden friends to see if anyone had done this before.  After some great tips I decided to plant a few of my bulbs in stones in a few of my favorite glass containers.

  • Amaryllis do not need a big container to grow.

  • Set the base of the bulb on top of the rocks and watch it grow!

  • DO NOT cover the bulb with water!  I’m famous for over watering so I’m going to  pay close attention to this tip!
  • Add only enough water into the container to cover the rocks below the bulb so the root will be in the water.  I’m using water from the fish tank in the greenhouse to keep it natural.

The bulb on the left was planted in soil a few days ago and I decided to replant in the glass container.  It was watered with all natural fish water.  The other bulbs are newly planted and I’m looking forward to watching them grow!




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