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Image of My First Herb Garden

On Monday night I learned a few new tips on planting and growing herbs. Just when you thought you knew it all about gardening someone new pops on the Twitter live stream and shares an educational fact about something growing in their garden.  It was amazing to see all the new garden enthusiasts that joined us for an hour of chat about herbs.  A few of my favorite ‘tweets I cut & paste below:

  • GardenHoard @BG_garden rosemary just hates to have its roots disturbed, so sow the seeds in individual pots. #gardenchat
  • BugladySuzanne borage seeds are easy to save to, they are big. #gardenchat
  • CowlickCottage I plants lots of herbs just to attract beneficial nsects. Butterflies love dill and fennel. Makes me happy!

Giveaway from 3/21 Monday nights #gardenchat

And The Winner’s Are …..

Thank you @dollarseeds for donating herb seed packages to 8 lucky #gardenchat participants.

Be sure to stop over to Amy’s website at Herb Gardens Home Page where she shares all about herbs.

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