A Few of My Favorite Facts About Peppers

Orange,red,purple and most definitely green peppers are at the top of my list of favorites to grow and prepare during the summer months. Preparing the pepper by slicing, dicing, or keeping it whole are all ways you can not go wrong when enjoying a healthy pepper.  In today’s post I want to share with you a few of my favorite facts about peppers with hopes you may think about starting your own garden that includes a few pepper plants for your family and friends to enjoy the experience.

Fact #1

Peppers are super healthy for you not only because they are a source of carotenoids but did you know they are packed with Vitamin C & E!

Peppers from California
I brought these peppers home to Ohio from Woodland California. What at treat to grill these up for lunch today.

Fact #2

During my visit to Woodlands California to tour the Seminis Seed Trial Gardens Terry Berke shared that the pepper plant will get super HOT when it is under stress.  Drought, too much water, not enough sunshine are just a few stressful growing situations that can make a pepper taste hotter.

Fact #3

A healthy and super easy way to serve a pepper is to dice up fresh and serve with humus.  But if you must cook the pepper try Sauté bell peppers in a small amount of chicken broth.  When a pepper is cooked it begins to lose its Vitamin C.

Fact #4

Did you know that the way your senses respond to hot peppers is because of  receptors known as TRP (transient receptor potential)?   Terry Berke ( Hot Pepper Breeder ) shares why on this short video I took out in the field.

It was super windy and  dry out in this pepper trial field – I was amazed at how healthy all the peppers looked and tasted the day we visited in July.

Terry Berke : Hot Pepper Breeder

Terry Berke – Hot Pepper Breeder shared with us his love for hot peppers – My kind of guy!

Fact 4

Peppers transport well … Seriously, I dropped these peppers, tomatoes and onion in this lightweight BlogHer bag.  The bag was shoved in  the over head storage bin on 2 long flights back to Ohio, rolled through the security point in San Jose,  and tossed in the back of my SUV upon arrive in Ohio for my drive home.   Today I served them up on the grill with hamburger for lunch and I’m happy to report the peppers got ‘thumbs up’ from my lunch guest.

Veggies Fly Home

I still can’t believe I made it all the way home with this produce looking as fresh as they did in the California field.

Bees in the Trial Gardens

So many bees in the veggies and the beautiful flower trial garden located in Woodland California.   It was an honor to be able to tour the facilities and met some amazing breeders, scientist and other writers who attended this event.

View more images from this event on my Flickr at : #MeetVeggies Trial Garden 

Please Note : Images, video and text are my own … this was a Monsanto sponsored event I attended 7/2014. 

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  1. My favorite pepper is the Big Bertha green pepper because it is a big pepper and it always taste amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us on your site.

    • I love the big bertha pepper but didn’t grow it this year. I went with the California Wonder that grows similar to that variety. Thank you for stopping by my site Digindirt!

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