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Since 2010 the #gardenchat network has been connecting, sharing and growing with people from around the world using social media.  We are dedicated to continuing the traditions using the latest platforms available.  You are invited to be a part by joining the conversation on your favorite platform listed on this page.

How To Connect On GardenChat  

Note: we are currently having issues on the platform Twitter #gardenchat stream.  I would like to personally invite everyone to join the conversation using the platform BLAB starting July 4, 2016. Any questions about how to use this platform or other comments please send them to me on my contact page.    – Administrator of GardenChat : Bren Haas


Follow the live stream on the sidebar of this page where you will also find useful links on how to join us on BLAB starting July 4, 2016


#gardenchat on Twitter

Every Monday on Twitter join the 1000’s of garden enthusiast who enjoy sharing at this scheduled event.  Find out more HERE


Be sure to check out our schedule and latest events HERE.  Interested in being featured? Contact Bren

2016 Schedule

Be sure to click on each month for GardenChat network schedule.  Please come back often because we are booking new guest host daily.


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#gardenchat was created in 2010 by a group of garden enthusiasts who enjoyed sharing on the social network Twitter about their gardens. The hashtag is used on Twitter as a chat forum where garden enthusiasts from all walks of life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing. As social media has evolved so has #gardenchat and the engaging can be found on Instagram, Google+, Facebook ,Twitter and most any platform that uses hashtags.  Bren Haas started the documentation of #gardenchat Twitter chat forum on October 2009 to help people connect with others, share and grow successfully.

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Join in the conversation daily using the hashtag #gardenchat on the leading social media platforms listed below.

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Do you have a question about GardenChat or would you like to submit an idea for an upcoming topic for our show?  Maybe you’d like to be added to your mailing list?  Fill out the contact form below so we can better serve you.  – Bren Haas